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Ustar always cares about the safe products and the healthy skin of your

The company,
​Years of deep interest in cosmetic ingredients and the based on our continuous research, we produce professional cosmetics which can help effective skin care after the clinic procedure.​

Our cosmetics have removed the harmful ingredients as much as possible in order to match with the trends of food that regard “taste” and “health” as important. In order to produce cosmetics that satisfy both “effectiveness” and “safety,” we make raw materials with safe ingredients and add key ingredients that can give a certain effect.​

The basic idea of “BIO” which is the easiest to make good cosmetics with many years of experience and know-how is delicious (excellent effect) and healthy (safe) cosmetic


A showcase of my works

Starting today, reset the look of your skin after the visible assaults of modern life with this innovative weekly treatment mask. Instantly, skin looks fresher, renewed.
Our First: PowerFoil. High-performance foil-backed sheet mask creates a protective barrier, allowing our potent technologies to penetrate fast and deep within skin’s surface and helping to lock in moisture.

How to Use

Apply on clean skin, 2 or 3times a week at night. Remove mask, carefully unfold and apply bottom half first, then top half. Leave on for 15 minutes, then remove mask and gently massage in any remaining liquid.


What I'm good at

Brands that reacts to the Ustar natural environment
A brand that considers the environment of life, which is life style

As nature falls and blooms itself, we are circulating through the flow of light, wind and atmosphere Ustar encourages the beauty that comes from active practice by coping with the Ustar natural environment.


FREE Alcohol
FREE Ethyl alcohol
FREE Phenoxyethanol & Paraben
FREE oil (only acne).

FREE Surfactant

FREE SLS – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

FREE SLES – Sodium Laureth Sulfate

FFREE PEG – Polyethylene Glycol.

Natural Cosmetics

Live from USTAR – delicate yet strong: our WHITESOON MASKPACK.
Tip: If you like to use a heavier, rich Day Care in winter, this might be the perfect solution for summer.


I work with cool companies

Businesses go one way or another. A company has a great responsibility to bear. Primarily for customers. Because supporting customers is its single raison d’etre. Then for its staff.

smart cos

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Don't take my word for it

ceo lim

Director – ISTK3
“Absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feeling. Moisturizes skin all day, even if worn with other products or makeup on the face.”

ceo ahn

Executive Director – CELLJEN
“I mean this is just a miracle cream! A little goes a far way, so just use a small amount. It works in a short time getting rid of any kind of irritation very quickly without causing any irritation. It heals quickly so that your baby’s discomfort is gone quickly.”


That’s how I work

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Defining the problem

The need for a new revolution in cosmetics as an example of side effects from expensive and chemical ingredients

Conduct the research

Study by medicinal herbs good for skin add Microorganisms development.

Basic development

Product Development Using Microorganisms and medicinal herbs.

Bio & development

microbial utilization.

Final discussion

Products with low-cost and no side effects.

Product launch

Launch mask packs that remove harmful ingredients.


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Ustar cosmetic


Ustar cosmetic


Ustar cosmetic


Ustar cosmetic